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T'ai-wan, Hualien
Heart Tea Co offers the perfect gifts for any tea lover. Their collection includes tea bags, loose tea leaves, tea bag sets, brewing methods, tea gift boxes, tea utensils, and a “Tea Life” chapter ful...


Koup is dedicated to protecting the environment by utilizing recycled and cutting-edge materials to produce eco-friendly apparel. Established in 2019 and headquartered in Taiwan, the company is strivi...

Vipus Technology

T'ai-wan, Taichung
Vipus Technology is a water and energy management company that specializes in the design and installation of oxygenation systems to purify water. Their services include the construction of a building ...

ECOCO circular economy

T'ai-wan, Tainan
ECOCO's circular economy offers innovative solutions to reduce resource waste and environmental impact. Their technologies and designs focus on smart recycling machines, bottle closing machines, batte...

Fountain Hitech Corporation

T'ai-wan, Tainan
Fountain Hitech Corporation is a leading company in the field of plastics recycling and remanufacturing. They develop innovative business plans to commercialize their industry, and their core technolo...

Hongda Industrial

T'ai-wan, Tainan
Hongda Industrial is a specialized environmental consulting firm offering a variety of services to assist clients in meeting their sustainability goals. Their services range from construction and demo...


T'ai-wan, Changhua
Unilite offers cutting-edge production machinery and procedures, as well as lightweight materials derived from waste low-grade backfill materials. These light-weight materials can be reused in a varie...
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