The List of Cloud Computing in Taiwan

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114, Taipei City, Neihu District, Ruiguang Rd, 335號4號樓-2
Cloudmii offers a comprehensive suite of hybrid cloud solutions, including AZURE, AWS, GCP, ALIYUN, along with DDOS information security protection planning. From remote backup and disaster recovery t...


302, Hsinchu County, Zhubei City, Aikou 1st St, 151號4號樓之2, Hsinchu
Earthbook offers an array of drone data services including browsing, searching, data storage, 2D ortho-mapping, 3D modeling, AI analytics, live-streaming for inspection or rescue, applications, UAV fo...

KlickKlack Communications

KlickKlack Communications specializes in providing professional information consultancy services to global brands, enterprises, and PR firms, offering a range of cloud services, including IP transit, ...

Chelpis Quantum Tech

Chelpis is committed to providing innovative cybersecurity solutions for the Post-Quantum Era. By creating “AORTA Decentralized Transfer Authentication and Encryption Solution”, based on software-defi...


No. 4號, Alley 3, Lane 424, Wanda Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108, Taipei
PTCom specializes in solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Their offerings include hardware design, firmware design, cloud platform access, iBT, PTFOG, sales office, APP design, application deve...

TanE wireless

Hsinchu City, East District, Li Hsin 1st Rd, 1號1B5-8, Hsinchu
TanE Wireless is committed to researching and developing wireless devices. Their cutting-edge wireless communication technology is applied to a range of products, such as NB IOT trackers, 5G AI dashca...


號3樓, No. 66號, Section 1, Neihu Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114, Taipei
Wincharge is an all-in-one cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive electric vehicle charging services, including charging piles, installation, control management, pricing, and an app for car ...

Helios Bioelectronics

T'ai-wan, Hsinchu
Helios Bioelectronics is striving to create a BioFET platform technology that has a range of benefits for scientific and clinical exploration, immediate disease tracking, point-of-care testing, and ev...

Intrust Cloud Technology

T'ai-wan, Kaohsiung
Yinchuang Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing cloud technology solutions in the field of electronic and electrical information technology. They collaborate with manufacturers, software...

Pentium Network Technology

Pentium Network's MRVN and Mavis are the perfect solutions for digital entertainment organizations with massive and complex IT infrastructures. MRVN provides cloud management, hybrid cloud technology,...


RUNNii is a cloud-based third-party service that offers a comprehensive set of features to help companies create employee fitness plans through software. It provides gamification design and data analy...


T'ai-wan, Kaohsiung
Elink is a cloud platform designed to connect devices using a common communication standard. It offers data visualization, storage, alarm functionality and device data analysis, as well as temperature...

GrandTech Cloud Services Inc.

Established in 2017, GrandTech Cloud Services Inc. (GCS) is a Professional Cloud Service Provider that specializes in mobile applications, multimedia, gaming, new retail, cultural and educational medi...


T'ai-wan, Taichung
SmartWAN provides a comprehensive range of solutions that help businesses to stay connected, secure, and productive. Their services include global connectivity, internet security, IT services, and qua...


T'ai-wan, Taichung
The Vocain Cloud Operation Platform leverages cloud-based forms, automated workflows, data encryption, digital identity authentication, and other technologies to create a secure and efficient online w...


WinCERT offers a comprehensive suite of services to government tenders, information system service developers, and the industry, enabling fast and effective verification and testing of information sys...


T'ai-wan, Hsinchu
MyelinTek specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solutions. They offer a range of AI models training, inferencing, monitoring, and dataset labeling and correctness services, as well as f...
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