CNC machining and turned parts

1. we are the manufacturer--
YCT (Yuan Cheng Tong Precision Technology Co., Ltd.) specializes in producing CNC Milling and CNC Turning parts and components in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and brass materials according to customers’ drawings for over 20 years. We provide customers with competitive service in quality, delivery, price and direct window of manufacturing solution.

2. the parts we can do--

* Furniture & Kitchenware hardware parts:
(such as parts for door closer, drawer slider,
locks,handle, etc.)

* Precision machining parts,
* CNC milling parts,
* CNC turned parts,
* Aluminum extrusion,
* Aluminum heat sinks,
* Aluminum forging parts,
* Stainless steel components,
* Brake caliper parts,
* Racing caliper parts,
* Suspension components,
* Hardware parts,
* Industrial optical components,
* Electronic parts,
* Mandrels Gears,
* Medical equipment parts,
* Model Parts,
* Pneumatic tool parts,
* Hydraulic parts,
* Oil pressure parts,
* Modified car parts,
* Motorcycle components,
* Bicycle components,
* Machinery components

Yuan Cheng Tong Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
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