Precision machining parts

YCT (Yuan Cheng Tong Precision Technology Co., Ltd.) specializes in producing CNC Milling and CNC Turning parts and components in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and brass materials according to customers’ drawings for over 20 years. We provide customers with competitive service in quality, delivery, price and direct window of manufacturing solution.

You can know more about our company and processing capacity by going through our website . We welcome customers' further 2D/3D drawings for estimation or further inquiry anytime.

Aluminum Extrusion
Material: AL 6061, AL 6063, AL 7075, AL 2011 , AL 2014
Aluminum Forging
Material: AL 6 Series AL 7 Series
Aluminum Casting
Material: ADC12, ADC10, A380, A356
CNC Machining
Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and brass parts.
Machining milling
Machining turning
Surface Treatment
Such as anodizing, powder coating, vibration, polishing, sandblasting
or hard anodizing with (laser engraving) .

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